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Dr. Roberto Sanchez is the psychiatrist of Torregrosa Salud

Anxiety is a normal reaction of our body to various life situations. When it gets too intense, occurs disproportionately or appears at times when it is not necessary, that's when it starts to cause problems. With psychological treatment you will learn to manage this anxiety and reduce it through effective techniques.

Dr. Roberto Sanchez is the psychiatrist of Torregrosa Salud

Depression can make you feel sad, unmotivated and unable to enjoy what life has to offer. As long as the person feels like this, isolating himself and losing interest in many things. Psychological techniques can help cope with demotivation, to recover the state of mind and to enjoy again.


Stress is a body response that can become chronic and have repercussions on health. In order to cope with the stress caused by the current rhythm of life, strategies can be developed and learned to better manage it.


Phobias are characterized by a very intense and irrational fear of certain objects or situations.. Cognitive-behavioral therapy offers techniques that reduce that fear and face the feared situation.

obsessions and compulsions

Obsessions are thoughts or doubts that come to mind involuntarily and that generate discomfort, while compulsions are behaviors that are done to reduce that discomfort. psychology, using specific tools, allows to reduce obsessions and the discomfort associated with them.

Self esteem

Self-esteem is the perception we have of ourselves, from our physique to our abilities, capabilities and achievements. Low self-esteem can affect our mental health and psychological therapy can help increase it.

emotional management

Emotions are an essential component of our human experience. They are all necessary and useful., but sometimes unpleasant emotions can appear that last over time or become very intense. With the right techniques you can better regulate your emotions.



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