Pelvic floor rehabilitation

The pelvic floor is made up of a group of muscles that are located in the lower abdomen and pelvis.. Its job is to perform important functions of our body, like continence, support of the pelvic organs and stabilization of the lower back, that affects our posture. Therefore, pelvic floor dysfunctions can seriously affect the quality of life of those who suffer from them.

At Torregrosa Salud we treat and resolve these ailments through exercises and specialized techniques. It is a very effective and accessible process that strengthens the muscles to prevent and maintain good health.. In addition to taking care of pelvic re-education, we also develop treatments aimed at reducing discomfort during pregnancy. This kind of physical therapy promotes the comfort and health of many people, but it can also help to increase your self-esteem and well-being in your daily life.

Pelvic physiotherapy specialists

Our center is specialized in pelvic floor physiotherapy. Claudia Martínez García is the professional who leads this service and stands out for her knowledge of these techniques.

Thus, we can treat pathologies related to the pelvi-perineal sphere with the most advanced methodologies and procedures. What's more, We have extensive experience in this area and we have always cared for our patients in a personalized and close way..

We stand out for our passion and vocation for this specialty, continuously training and updating our service with the development of innovative therapeutic techniques and the latest technologies for their application. Our main objective is to offer the best assistance to our clients., re-educating in everything related to the pelvic floor and treating both women and men and children.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation in Badalona

More and more importance is given to the recovery of the pelvic floor, something natural, since it seriously affects the quality of life of many people, especially women. The changes that a woman's body undergoes during pregnancy or menopause have consequences on her health. In many cases, the muscles that make up the pelvic floor move outward, causing you to lose tone and stamina.

The specialized treatments for the recovery of the pelvic floor are diverse and their application will depend on each case according to the professional's criteria. Kegel exercises and hypopressive abdominals are new techniques that are beginning to be seen in gyms and centers dedicated to sports, but they also strengthen this area.. In some cases, instruments or tools can be used to strengthen the muscles or to treat a specific area., how do they, they don't fly or jump, the famous Chinese balls.

Another important step is the individual examination of the patient to determine the degree of pelvic floor weakness.. In the treatment, the work of the abdominal muscles is alternated with concrete and specific works of certain muscles. Throughout the treatment process, our professionals will be in charge of monitoring to ensure the progress and recovery of this area.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation through physiotherapy is the solution to eliminate pain and incontinence problems. What's more, it also reduces and controls all the symptoms of prolapses in the area. The well-being of the woman improves and can be a very effective treatment for childbirth and postpartum. At Torregrosa Salud we have specialized physiotherapists, the only professionals qualified and trained to assist you in these cases.

Our team will be delighted to help you!

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