Contagious mollusks

What are contagious mollusks?

Contagious mollusks are a superficial infection of the skin, produced by a virus called Poxvirus.

It is a very common infection in children older than one year, and does not pose any risk to the child's health, your relatives or close people. The discomfort it causes is more aesthetic than medical.

They are usually treated to prevent the patient from infecting himself and new mollusks, and to prevent contagion to other children.

Who is affected? How are contagious mollusks spread?

It mainly affects children, by direct contact with each other or with contaminated objects (towels, clothes, etc.). In our country, the most frequent means of contagion are swimming pools, since the virus is resistant to most of the agents that are used to disinfect the water in these facilities.

Children with atopic dermatitis tend to get it more easily, since they have a more fragile skin.

How are mollusks contagious ?
How long does it take to disappear mollusks?
Do I have to take any special measures to avoid the contagion of mollusks to other family members?
Is there a way to make them come out less or heal sooner?
How are contagious molluscs treated?


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