Eczema or hand dermatitis

What is eczema or hand dermatitis?

eczema (also called dermatitis) is an inflammation of the skin characterized by redness, flaking and itching. when it is more intense, blisters with fluid may appear that are very itchy, or cracks. In the hands, usually due to continued contact with water, soaps and chemicals that are irritating or trigger allergic reactions.

What are the causes of eczema or hand dermatitis?

Contact eczema of the hands are divided into two types depending on their origin: irritant or allergic.

The most common is irritative eczema., that is to say, that caused by irritating factors. The most frequent cause of this dermatitis is hand washing., said in other words, frequent or excessive use of water and soaps. There are also other environmental factors, like the cold, or chemicals other than soaps, that dry and irritate the skin.

Certain professions have a high frequency of this disease, like housewives, domestic or cleaning workers, personal health care, caregivers, farmers, construction workers, etc.

the other guy, allergic contact eczema, occurs because the patient has become allergic to some chemical component. Are examples, nickel allergy in individuals who do not tolerate costume jewelry, allergy to fragrances in patients who use cosmetics and perfumes, allergy to dyes in hairdressers, Chromium allergy in construction workers and skin, etc.

Will I have hand eczema for the rest of my life??
Is it necessary to do allergy tests in hand eczema?
How can I prevent hand dermatitis and improve symptoms??


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