Aesthetic dermatology

Facial blemishes

It is generally an aesthetic problem since it affects the face more frequently, neck and cleavageand it is a consequence of thesolar expositionand genetic predisposition.

In dermatology, facial spots are known as Cloasma, and Torregrosa Salud dermatologists examine the type of stain, confirm the diagnosis and propose the best treatment for our patient.

Pigmentation disorders

Dyschromias are circumscribed or diffuse changes in skin color due to excess, defect or absence of various pigments

The most common causes are:

-An increase inmelanin production

-A majorproliferation of active melanocytes

There are many treatments for skin depigmentation, You just have to consult with our team of professionals to find the most effective treatment according to your skin type and the medical diagnosis made..

 Aging cutaneous

Aging is a physiological process that begins at birth. A series of modifications are presented, as a consequence of the passage of time. Its first aesthetic repercussions, begin to be evident from the 30 years

This process affects both the epidermis, dermis e hipodermis, giving rise to the progressive appearance of a sagging skin with atrophy, causing so-called wrinkles.

That is why our team of dermatologists led by Dr.. Hernández advises which is the best treatment based on skin type, as well as other factors of our patients.

In our practice we treat skin aging with botulinum toxin, absorbable fillers, state-of-the-art advanced laser as well as chemical peel.


Many patients come to the consultation with varicose veins, and our team of dermatologists perform a meticulous medical examination to determine the type of venous pathology you suffer, that there is edema, if the varicose veins are truncal or superficial, etc ... as well as the treatment to eliminate them.

The latest power advanced laser is one of the techniques that gives the best results in a fast and efficient way..

It is very important that the removal of varicose veins is carried out by highly qualified professionals, since removal is usually easy, but it is usual that if specialized professionals do not perform it, they will come out again and failing that, they will again have a feeling of swollen and heavy legs.


There are multiple causes that cause hair loss.

A diet lacking in essential nutrients, thyroid problems, infections, stress and anemia are factors that undoubtedly, collaborate with alopecia.

Nevertheless, Androgenic Alopecia is the most common and affects many men. Androgenetic alopecia occurs in a 40% of men among 18 and the 40 years, and in a 95% of the older than 70 years. Nevertheless, It also affects women and is one of the most frequent consultation in Torregrosa Salud.

Topical treatment is usually used, oral, platelet rich plasma, latest power laser.

At Torregrosa Salud we also perform hair transplants and micrografts. For this we have a dermatologist specializing in drawing so that the result is a success.



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